How to use Logic Apps as a REST API , call from API

Yes, Logic Apps has lots of connectors. Why need it? Happens.

Anyway, lets assume we need to call logic app from another API.

Simply logic app we are calling should trogger with HTTP request and return HTTP response. Here is a response LogicApp sample:

  1. Run Logic App with POST method
  2. Send parameters in Body
  3. If you use Dynamics365FO dont forget to add DataareaId. Actually every entity has its own parameters. Check before using. DONT LEAVE SPACES AFTER COMMA.
  4. Call logic app with Full Link (Copy from HTTP request block) Logic App uses SAS Token, so it will include authorization parameters. No need to deal with authentication.

Here is simple Caller Logic app:

  1. Call with POST method
  2. Use Full URI
  3. Post parameter in Body

Thats all.

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