Dynamics 365 F&SCM – Dataverse integration time data import issue

In one of my project, I needed to integrate calendars between D365HR and D365F&SCM.

If you need more information about D365HR and D365F&SCM integration please refer to my previous article.

How to set up Dynamics 365 F&O – Dynamics 365 HR integration using CDS/Dataverse – ARBISTECH

So I had a field mapping like below

As you know in D365FSCM time field is integer type field actually. It is same with dataverse.

You expect it to work right? both are integer fields , but not.

As a resolution I created 2 string fields.

Then updated these fields via flow when record created or updated.

Don’t forget to add a condition for update step. Otherwise, it will be stuck in a loop. Here simply we convert times to HH:mm:ss format at write to string fields.

Then used these fields in mapping. Then it worked.

Same format problem happens with CSV data imports in D365F&SCM. Same solution, converting time to HH:mm:ss format will resolve your issue.

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